American Legion

Town & Country Memorial Post 152

11211 Sheldon Rd, Tampa FL 33626 (813) 920-3282

Lounge Hours: Sun 11AM - 9PM,   Mon - Thurs 11AM - 10PM,   

Fri 11AM - Midnight,   Sat 11 AM - Midnight


Look here for some of my favorite links and downloads.

Note: Most of these are large files with a lots of graphics. If it is a MS Power Point Slideshow (pps), and you don't have Power Point, download the viewer by clinking here.

Mansions Of The Lord Submitted by Armond LaFramboise
A Christmas Wish Submitted by Jeanne Kerens
In God We Still Trust Submitted by Jeanne Kerens
50,000 Names Carved In The Wall Submitted by Jeanne Kerens
Pledge of Allegiance By Red Skelton Submitted by Jeanne Kerens
Sea Power - United States Navy Submitted by Jeanne Kerens

Our Lovely Planet (pps)

Not military related but awesome pictures

Submitted by Cliff Zimmerer
All Music from the Vietnam Era Submitted by Jeanne Kerens
Before You Go Submitted by Jeanne Kerens

100 Greatest Military Photographs (pps)

(Note: They are classic and heart warming yet some are disturbing.)

Submitted by Armond LaFramboise
An American Boy Grows Up Submitted by Joann Lathers

New Orleans - Katrina (pps)

(Note: At the red screen, right mouse click then full screen to hear the music)

Submitted by Sharon Costeines
Until Then Submitted by Ingrid Albert